MISCARRIAGE (Spontaneous Abortion)

Miscarriage is a loss of pregnancy at any stage up to 24 weeks. After that time it is identified as still birth.

The experience of miscarriage is a very lonely one. When it starts a woman can feel helpless and frightened and usually there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it happening. Often a woman will cope well at the time but feel engulfed with sadness and grief at a later date. Feelings can be varied and difficult to understand and talk about. If there is a partner he may not understand why life cannot get back to normal or he may be appearing to be strong and not showing his sorrow. This can often appear as though he does not care and relationship issues can ensue.

If you are trying to cope and find that you need someone to help you through your pain, WPH specialist trained counsellors are there at all times to offer their support. Either telephone to make an appointment or use our helpline.

Individual counselling or as a couple is available.








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