Anxiety, stress, fear, tension - technically these words are interchangebly used to describe one of the common problems of modern times. Anxiety has been called "the official emotion of our age", "the basis of all neurosis" and "the most pervasive psychological phenomenon of our time". It has always been there down the ages but the pace and complexities of modern life has increased its impact.

It creates an inner feeling of apprehension, unease, concern, worry and/or dread that is accopanied by hightened physical arousal. The heart beats faster, blood pressure and muscle tension increases, the whole body appears to be on alert ready to flee or fight. Panic attacks are common and can come often without warning and frequently when least expected.

There are varying theories on the causation of anxiety, the Freudian view sees it as coming from an internal instinctual struggle but others have identified it as a result of cultural pressures and threats from the world of today. More recent research has indicated the possibility of biological factors as being the basis of anxiety. It has also been identified that counselling/psychotherapy can have a dramatic influence on recovery.

If you are struggling with anxiety problems and seeking help, please contact WPH. There are professionally highly trained counsellors there to support you. Telephone for referral information.








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