Over the years thousands of books have been written about children and child rearing but somehow we expect ourselves to become good parents naturally. When we begin to realise that problems are developing within the child/parent(s) relationships or child behavioural problems surface, tensions and self blame begin to destroy the joys of parenthood and family life.

At times such as this professional parental guidance can offer parents encouragement, information, support and advice. However, in some circumstances it has to be acknowledged that the problem cannot be focussed on particular individuals and deep rooted issues relative to the dynamics of the whole family may need to be addressed. This, in many cases, can begin to identify what is creating or complicating the child/parent problems.

If you can identify such a situation within your life and feel you would like to discuss your concerns with someone who may be able to help please contact WPH. There are highly qualified and trained counsellors to support you. Telephone for referral information.








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