Depression has been recognised for more than 3000 years as a problem affecting individuals of all ages (including children) and appears to be increasing at an alarming rate. It is no respecter of persons and is known as "the common cold" of mental disorders. On occasions almost all of us experience depression, sometimes when it is least expected. In its milder form it may come during a period of sadness that follows a loss or a personal disappointment. More severe depression can overwhelm its victim with feelings of despair, fear, exhaustion, hopelessness and desparation.

Depressive reactions have been classified in a variety of ways which indicates that although common, can be a complicated condition, difficult to define, hard to describe with accuracy and not easy to treat. As with all mental illness depression is hidden and it is difficult for those close to the person who is suffering, to understand. Medication can be great help but often the patient can feel very alone and misunderstood.

Here at WPH we have highly trained professional counsellors to help (medication treats the symptoms, counselling/psychotherapy deals with the cause). If you would like to seek help please telephone for referral information.








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