The teenage years are a time that has been described as the most confusing, challenging, frustrating and fascinating phase of human development. During this time of conflict and growth, changes physically, sexually and emotionally occur. It's time to move to independence with an awareness that you are no longer children.

This can be a time when it can seem that nobody understands you and you can feel depressed, alone, angry and desperate. Relationships with parents can begin to break down, going to school becomes a pain and you can feel you don't fit anywhere. Peer pressure can tempt you into antisocial activities i.e. drugs and drink and sometimes bullying can become part of your daily life.

Know the feelings! - want to talk

If so contact WPH. There are professionally trained counsellors there to help, who understand the special needs of teenagers.

Want to know more - if so telephone to make an appointment to see one of our youth counsellors. Where necessary i.e. drug and alcohol problems, we will refer you on to specialist agencies who will give you appropriate ongoing support.








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