"Whenever two or more people get together there are interpersonal relationships. Sometimes these relationships are smooth, mutually supportive and characterised by clear, concise, and efficient communication. Often, however, interpersonal relationships are strained and marked by conflict. Modern men and women take pride in their individualism, independence and self determination, but sometimes these traits cut us off from other people and make us more insensitive, lonely and unable to get along with others. We live in the information age with its many multimedia and mechanical devices to aid communication and interaction but we still misunderstand one another, fail to get along and often feel isolated and alone." (Gary R. Collins PhD. Interpersonal Relationships 1989).

When a relationship is going well, life can be fun but what happens when it begins to sour? A poor relationship can trigger almost every human emotion. If there is tension in relationships we can begin to feel depressed, guilty, demoralised and anxious. Ultimately, anger, bitterness, verbal aggression and often the urge to seek revenge will follow. This can be particularly true within a marriage/partner relationship whereby what started as a positive path to the future becomes destructive for both parties.

It is impossible to give a recipe for a successful marriage/partnership relationship since each couple are unique. Many couples will survive whatever life throws their way, others will fall at the first hurdle. Expectations, one of the other, will often be impossible to acheive and disappointment and dissatisfaction will follow - demands cannot be met - commitments and communications breakdown - each begin to go their seperate ways.

If you are struggling with a relationship either within marriage/partnership or in other situations and feel that professional counselling could help please contact WPH. There are professionally qualified counsellors there to support (individual/couple). Telephone to make an appointment or alternatively use our helpline.








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