We are particularly sensitive to the needs of teenagers relative to pregnacy issues, free pregnancy tests are always available at our drop in sessions with the appropriate follow up support.

Are you worried that you might be pregnant?

If so, why not come to on of our daily drop in sessions for a free pregnancy test. The result will be given to you in five minutes.

What if the test proves that you are pregnant?

We are there to help you cope with the situation. If you are unsure whether to continue with the pregnancy or not, we will be there to help you make your own well informed decision.

What if you decide to continue with the pregnancy and you are still at school?

We will refer you on to the appropriate agencies who are there to make sure you will be given all the support possible to continue your education whether within school or further education.

What if you decide now is not the right time for a baby and choose an abortion?

We are here to give you information and guidance with appropriate referrals which will see that the abortion is carried out as soon as possible and in the most sensitive way.

What if you already definately know that you are pregnant but are confused whether to continue with the pregnancy or not?

Again, just come to one of our drop in sessions for a chat and we will support in every way possible.

What if you have already had an abortion and would now like someone to talk to about how you are feeling?

We are here. It is common to experience mixed emotions following an abortion - don't think you have to cope with them alone.

What if you have miscarried your baby?

We are here. This can be a very painful experience which we can help you through.

What if you have experienced a still birth or loss?

We are here. Don't try to be brave alone, our aim is to try to help you get through this pain.

Are you concerned about your sexual health?

What about contraception?

Want to know more, telephone for an appointment.

This is a highly confidential service.








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